Bank Telegraph Transfer Q&A

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Bank Telegraph Transfer Q&A

Postby David » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:26 pm

Q: What bank accounts do you have?
A: We use personal and business bank accounts in China and Hong Kong, and China Merchant Bank and HSBC are more commonly used.

Q: How long does the international transfer take?
A: 1~3 business day(s).

Q: How do you know the money is paid from me?
A: We can recognize you payment by the amount, the sender name and country. If the money sender name is different from with the order receiver name, please kindly let me know in advance.

Q: Should I call you every day to check the transfer status?
A: Absolutely no. Once the payment arrives in our bank accounts I will get instant messages to my mobile and email. And I will inform the money is secured and the shipment will be arranged soon.
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