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Online fraud prevention

Postby David » Thu May 19, 2011 6:16 pm

This message is to very few cheaters from Nigeria, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, etc.

It is not difficult for us to recognize the techniques the fraudsters used. I wish the cheaters could leave us alone and do not waste time and wisdom any more.

1. Use unauthorized credit card to pay via Paypal
---We will check if the Paypal account is verified, if not we will verify the photos of the credit card
---We will reject to send the order to a different country when we found it is risky
---We will not return the money to the bank account; however we will directly refund the payment from Paypal account

2. Forge the payment evidence
---We will login to Paypal account to check the Payment, so the E-mail from the spoof website does not work
---The forged bank sheet does not make sense because we only ship when the money secures in the bank account

3. Need invitation letters
---It is very easy to apply for China VISA. No matter how big orders they promise we will not help with invitation letters. Read more
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