Common questions about payment

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Common questions about payment

Postby David » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:51 pm

1. Bank transfer
a. Please fully follow our payment instructions and do not change the beneficiary name
b. If you are not sure about something please immediately ask us
c. Once the payment is done you can send the receipt or bank log to us to check for errors to avoid painful waiting in vain
d. All the banks will not tolerate any mistake. The wrong beneficiary name will definitely cause the return of the payment. Then you will need contact your bank to correct the information.

2. Western Union
a. Please follow the instruction we provided, the receiver first name and last name must be put in right positions
b. After you finish the payment you need provide all the following information
    Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
    Sender First Name
    Sender Last Name
    Sent Country
You can verify online by yourself, the official website is ... try=global The middle name or maiden name may be stored in first name or last name positions.
c. Western union will not tolerate any minor mistake. The information the receiver present must 100% same as the data stored in the system. The sender can contact the Western union branch to correct if any mistake is found.

3. Paypal
The error is reversible and can be corrected in real time
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