Launch X431 GX3 $950

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Launch X431 GX3 $950

Postby David » Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:57 pm

Launch X431 GX3 is targeted for China's market and X431 Master is overseas market. GX3 has the same hardware as to Master, and our engineer can install all software in many languages. The price of GX3 is much lower than Master and the functions have no difference. The only difference is GX3 can only update by offline software pack and Master can update online.

X431 GX3 is a new automotive diagnostic product and designed by LAUNCH with the technology of 'Open Control Platform for Vehicle' representing the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology in the world.

The SAME FULL software and The SAME FULL hardware, The SAME FULL diagnostic functions as Launch X431 Master.

All OBD 16 Pin connectors inside, Less connectors = Diagnosis more vehicles, Forget your CANBUS,OBD Smart... connectors, It can diagnose all CANBUS,OBD Smart...system without CANBUS,OBD Smart... connectors.Running more faster than other Launch X431 serial, No wait while diagnosis your car, Save your time.Running more steady-going.

Available Languages:

English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Product characteristics:

1. Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431
2. Faster communication with cars than X-431 by integrated design to save time in work
3. All inclusive software coverage - European, American and Asian
4. 24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries
5. Powerful diagnostic function: read DTCs,read datastream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding
6. Test most of cars by using unique & integrated 16 PIN connector
7. Easier and more conveniet to operate than X-431 based on the smart design
8. Upgrade software anytime and anywhere to keep up with latest models

Product parameters:

Operating System: Linux
Memory: 16M
CF Card: 512M
Main Unit I/O: Universal serial port/parallel port
Power Supply: DC 12V / 24V
Power: Approx. 9W
Screen: 240X320 LCD touch screen with background light
Printer: Mini high speed thermal printer
Ambient Temperature: -15C~50C
Relative Humidity: <90%

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.
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