Guide to solve technical problems

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Guide to solve technical problems

Postby David » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:38 pm provides one year warranty and free online support for the products we sold. In order to solve the problems more efficiently we need you cooperate with us to understand the problems first.

According to our statistics 80% of problems can be easily solved by reading the manuals watching tutorial videos.


If the products were damaged by collision or dropping by accident. Please say it frankly and we will not charge you for repairing the product.

Before we find the right types of support or after-sales service, we need to analyse the problems thoroughly. We may ask you to write a mail to describe the details and attach with all relevant photos or screen shots.


Repair the tools by yourself or open the device without our prior permission.

Keep complaining and do not want to provide any specific information to let us understand the problem.

Keep demanding and use unfriendly manner. Some customers intentionally or unintentionally ignore our instructions (like, use Windows XP system, send the computer code for activation key, only use software we provided, plug the USB key, or send a screen capture, etc), and keep operating in a wrong way.

Use Paypal dispute as pushing or open a claim without prior communication which could immediately create an unfriendly atmosphere between the two sides. Paypal dispute process may take a few weeks even months to a conclusion, and in the most of cases we will win at last. But if it is an unauthorized payment or we acknowledge it is a hardware problem or design problem our company will not hesitate to refund at all.
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